BreedChamp Services

You can either write your own listing and bid on horses of your choosing, or you can hire an advisor to complete the process for you. Both options come with complementary bids to get you started, and help you find the best breedings for your horse.
All listings are active for 1 year.

All BreedChamp related fees (self-serve listings, hire an advisor, purchasing bids) are in US Dollars (USD).

When listing your horse, please make sure that your horses’ fees are advertised in USD as well!


Write your listing and bid on horses of your choosing.

**You can add a maximum 3 horses at a time (stallions and mares combined)

List a Stallion

  • Listing
  • 5 Free Bids
  • Public Listing


Gain access to the best mares in the industry, and increase your stallion's booking prevalence.
How many Stallions would you like to list?

Want Your Mare to Have a Public Listing?

Pre-pay your breeding transaction fee and receive two free bids per mare!

List a Mare

  • Listing
  • 3 Free Bids
  • BreedChamp Members Listing

Free Listing for Mares

List your mare for breeding, embryo transfer, recipient mare lease, and custom foal for sale in-utero all at the same time.
How many Mares would you like to list?
Bids are applied to user accounts, so you can use the bids from your mares for your studs.

Hire A BreedChamp Advisor

Supply the documents and let us list and bid for you and your horses!

  • Advisor Written Listing - Get More Hits On Your Listing
  • 5 Advisor Recommended Bids - Higher Success Rate
  • Site Wide Access
  • Featured Public Listings
  • We arrange your ad to have the most hits possible.
  • Advisors bid efficiently, view all current bids on a horse, and place yours appropriately.
  • You will always approve the listing and bids before they are completed.
  • An efficient, easy approach that gets you more time in the saddle. Mares get better offers, and stallions gain more bookings!

$75 / horse

For full access to all the listed horses available for breeding this
season, list a horse on BreedChamp today!