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Our Goal

BreedChamp was designed as an online assistant to help you breed the very best horse possible. We help connect mare and stallion owners across North-America to create the healthy, happy foals of your dreams.

We want to help you breed your champion, whether that champion is a champion dressage horse, running thoroughbred, pleasure trail horse, or pony.

Breeders and owners can:

  • List their horses
  • Bid on horse breedings that they are interested in
  • Receive great offers straight to their inbox


  • Hire a BreedChamp Advisor to list, bid, and walk you through every step of the breeding process.

Either way, we are here every step of the way.

The horse industry now has a website that is dedicated to breeders - something they have needed for a very long time.

- Claudia Klein, Dr. Med. Vet., PhD, DACT, DECAR