We officially launched at Mane Event Chilliwack October 19-21, 2018, thank you for all your support!

Our next event: Mane Event Red Deer with 45,000 equine enthusiasts from April 26-28, 2019!

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As always, mares are free to list for embryo sales, breeding leases, in-utero sales and more.

*Offer applies to the first 200 horses listed on BreedChamp.com.

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BreedChamp connects mare owners and stud farms by providing an online platform that is easy, affordable and convenient for both parties.

With BreedChamp, horse owners can bid on breedings of their choosing. Mares get great offers straight to their inbox, and stallions now have direct access to the highest quality mares on the market. Breed the horse you have always wanted and make that foal the best you can.

Use all of your tools, use BreedChamp.

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Our Goal

BreedChamp was designed as an online assistant to help you breed the very best horse possible. We help connect mare and stallion owners across North-America to create the healthy, happy foals of your dreams.

We want to help you breed your champion, whether that champion is a champion dressage horse, running thoroughbred, pleasure trail horse, or pony.

Breeders and owners can:

  • List their horses
  • Bid on horse breedings that they are interested in
  • Receive great offers straight to their inbox


  • Hire a BreedChamp Advisor to list, bid, and walk you through every step of the breeding process.

Either way, we are here every step of the way.

The horse industry now has a website that is dedicated to breeders - something they have needed for a very long time.

- Claudia Klein, Dr. Med. Vet., PhD, DACT, DECAR