BreedChamp connects mare owners and stud farms by providing an online platform that is easy, affordable and convenient for both parties.

With BreedChamp, horse owners can bid on breedings of their choosing. Mares get great offers straight to their inbox, and stallions now have direct access to the highest quality mares on the market. Breed the horse you have always wanted and make that foal the best you can.

Use all of your tools, use BreedChamp.

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List Mares and Stallions Yourself
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Let us do the work for you!
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75$/Advisor Listed Horse
5 Advsior Bids
.0 *Mares are free to list in the Breedchamp Community. Offer applies to private listings only, 3 bids per listing, successful pairings subject to BreedChamp transaction fee of 25$

3. Send and Receive Bids

A way to directly market your horse to other breeders!

4. Pick the bid you like best

5. Hit Accept! Respective parties exchange funds

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You can call us - We're here to help! We're breeders too!

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