Your next champion is here!


BreedChamp is an online assistant that helps you breed a better horse by effortlessly connecting stud farms and mare owners. It's a platform that is easy, affordable and convenient to use for both parties.

Stud farms bid on the most suitable mares for breeding, and mare owners receive these great offers straight to their inbox. Mares are encouraged to send offers as well.

Now, mare owners can effortlessly choose the best stallion for their mare, saving them an abundance of time, money and headaches.

Stallions owners can also rejoice because they finally have direct access to premium mares, as well as a database of horses searching for breeding stallions this season.

Don't own a mare but want a premium foal? BreedChamp is here to help you select the stallion and the mare of your choice. Have questions? We have a complete team of advisors ready to help along each step of the way.

Breed your champion today.

Why Choose BreedChamp?

BreedChamp allows you to personalize your message and bid to each potential breeder as to why your horse would create the perfect cross when bred with their horse. We all want to create the best foal possible, and to accomplish this, we need the right tools, communication and systems in place to support us as breeders.

As a mare owner, the breeding process is now simplified; stud farms send their offers directly to your inbox, and tell you why they have the best horse out there. As a stallion owner, you now have access to an unprecedented amount of privatized breedings.

We want to help you breed your champion, whether that champion is a champion dressage horse, running thoroughbred, pleasure trail horse, or pony. BreedChamp is there to guide you through every step of the way, from first bids to foaling-out.

Our founding principle is to help you make your future foal the very best you can.

Use all of your tools, use BreedChamp.

Meet The Team

Rose Schwinghamer

Rose is BreedChamp’s Founder. She began working on the concept in 2014 during her Masters which focused on early pregnancy in mares. “I was amazed at how many mare owners didn’t know where to start when it came to breeding. It was hard to find stallions, let alone complete the process. We were fortunate enough to have the tools to create something to help everyone, so we did.”

Raymond Kenworthy
Innovation Advisor

Raymond is BreedChamp’s Innovation Advisor. All major ideas run through Raymond before being implemented. He comes from a long career in advanced services design & development and he works closely with the VeteranLogix team.

Claudia Klein, DVM
Industry Advisor

Claudia is our Industry Advisor. Dr. Klein is board certified in Equine Reproduction, and she teaches the subject at the University of Calgary. You can find more about her research here.

Audrey Delamont
Web Designer

Audrey is BreedChamp’s Web Designer. She has been with BreedChamp from the beginning and is an essential part of our team. You can see more of Audrey’s work here.

John Schwinghamer
Financial Advisor

John is BreedChamp’s Financial Advisor. He is the author of Purple Chips: Winning In The Stock Market With The Very Best Of The Blue Chip Stocks (Wiley 2012). John is also a Lead Judge at the John Molson School of Business MBA International Case Competition. BreedChamp is lucky to have him on board.

Virginie Morrow
Breeding Director

Virginie has been with Breedchamp since its inception. She is our Breeding Director and ensures that both stallion and mare owners are equally represented. "The site has to be useful to all users because everyone can benefit from it - mares and stallions alike".

Catherine Boisvert

Catherine is our latest addition to the team and will begin her role with BreedChamp as Optimizer shortly. She will be in charge of upgrading our user interface and assuring that the website is always responsive.


Mahboob ur Rehman
C.E.O., Veteranlogix

Mahboob ur Rehman of Veteranlogix is our head Web Developer. We work closely with Veteranlogix's team on a daily basis. To see more of their portfolio, visit their website.

Ahad Junaid
Back-End Developer, Veteranlogix

Ahad is the Senior Back-End Developer of Veteranlogix. He actively works with Breedchamp's team on the platform's architecture and makes sure everything keeps running smoothly behind the scenes.

Basil Meer
UI/UX Designer, Veteranlogix

Basil is the Senior UI/UX Designer and Developer of Veteranlogix. He works in coordination with the team to maintain the platform's front-end and ensure a smooth user experience.