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BreedChamp is an online assistant that helps you breed a better horse by effortlessly connecting stud farms and mare owners. It's a platform that is easy, affordable and convenient to use for both parties.

Stud farms bid on the most suitable mares for breeding, and mare owners receive these great offers straight to their inbox. Mares are encouraged to send offers as well.

Now, mare owners can effortlessly choose the best stallion for their mare, saving them an abundance of time, money and headaches.

Stallions owners can also rejoice because they finally have direct access to premium mares, as well as a database of horses searching for breeding stallions this season.

Don't own a mare but want a premium foal? BreedChamp is here to help you select the stallion and the mare of your choice. Have questions? We have a complete team of advisors ready to help along each step of the way.

Breed your champion today.

Why Choose BreedChamp?

BreedChamp allows you to personalize your message and bid to each potential breeder as to why your horse would create the perfect cross when bred with their horse. We all want to create the best foal possible, and to accomplish this, we need the right tools, communication and systems in place to support us as breeders.

As a mare owner, the breeding process is now simplified; stud farms send their offers directly to your inbox, and tell you why they have the best horse out there. As a stallion owner, you now have access to an unprecedented amount of privatized breedings.

We want to help you breed your champion, whether that champion is a champion dressage horse, running thoroughbred, pleasure trail horse, or pony. BreedChamp is there to guide you through every step of the way, from first bids to foaling-out.

Our founding principle is to help you make your future foal the very best you can.

Use all of your tools, use BreedChamp.